MIT-VIS stresses on academic learning along with physical and artistic learning as well with an emphasis on personal development of the student. This model of education is uniquely holistic as it endeavours to impart not only the best of knowledge to a student, but also develop the student’s ethical and moral core to enhance their innate abilities to better apply the knowledge they have acquired not only for personal growth, but also for the betterment of society, environment and indeed all of humanity. 

This includes yoga studies, meditation, pottery, astronomy, and others; all to ensure that our students may find any activity that they enjoy and utilize it to enhance their social skills and cognitive abilities to become the best versions of themselves.

We at MIT-VIS spare no efforts in recruiting the most professional, emotive and understanding staff for our students. We realise that the role of a teacher is perhaps the most influential on the life of a child and in their emotional, physical and mental development. 

Our teaching staff reflects this understanding as they are understanding, caring and able to instill discipline, purpose and drive in their students. 

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