40 Glorious years


14 acres of huge lush green campus


About Us

Welcome to MIT-Vishwajyoti International School, Mumbai. Nestled at the very foothills of the Ghats touching the city of Mumbai and spread over a pristine 14-acres is the completely eco-friendly ghostwriting and zero waste campus of MIT-Vishwajyoti International School. Designed to harmonize with nature and to provide an island of peace within the chaos of Mumbai, the campus endeavours to provide the perfect ghostwriting agentur backdrop to nurture talented students and to help them find not only their vocation for life but also ghostwriter themselves. BODYBUILDER BANGING “STRAIGHT” GUY – XNXX.COM steroids online kyle roberts: champion wheelchair bodybuilder!

The MIT Legacy

We are more than an organization, we are a legacy. Although only 4 decades old, we derive from the spiritual and cultural legacy of education in India with its history spanning over 5000 years. Thus we are the successors of the Guru – Shishya Parampara as well as the Gurukul tradition and this reflects in the way we blend the traditional with the modern. Whanganui bodybuilders have a strong showing at NABBA Nationals – NZ Herald where to buy steriods rip doug brignole: death of bodybuilder shocks fitness community
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Academics & Core Curriculum


Our pre-primary level includes LKG and UKG classes that are based on the CBSE and NCERT curriculum. We offer a play, discovery and activity-based learning environment in the preparatory or foundation stage of our school curriculum. We follow the Pedagogical Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education as per NEP 2020 and create a fun-filled learning space where play-based learning is of utmost importance. Searching for pre-primary schools near me? Explore the countless benefits of hands-on learning at our preschool.  


Our Primary schooling includes Grade 1 to 5, wherein we deliver knowledge through an integrated curriculum. MIT Vishwajyoti School incorporates the best practices of all boards and focuses on experiential learning or learning by doing for optimum results during primary education. Backed by our project-based learning pedagogies, our students understand concepts much better and are prepared for the next stage of learning and development. We’re one of the best primary schools for all-round development. 

Middle School  

The Middle School includes Grades 6, 7 and 8, wherein our students can choose between CBSE and IGCSE boards during this time. We offer both national and international curriculums to enhance essential learning and critical thinking. Above all, the focus is on experiential learning to reinforce every concept until it is clear and well-understood. If you’re looking for a middle school near me, our holistic learning experience helps students prepare for their glorious futures ahead.

Secondary & Sr. Secondary

Grades 9 and 10 are part of the secondary and senior secondary sections, wherein we prepare them thoroughly for the board examinations and offer an excellent foundation for competitive exams. Students are taught various subjects apart from academics like humanity, vocational education, skill education, etc., which gives them the edge in every exam moving forward. The curriculum is based on the board students will choose during Middle school. Our higher secondary education is aimed to make students as independent, confident and knowledgeable as possible during these crucial years. 

Academics Done right

Academics, under our Vishwajyoti Academic Wing, will be a nuanced section dedicated to discovering the next physicist, mathematician, economist and theorist from children who show an aptitude for it.

The Race to Prosperity

Our Vishwajyoti Sports Wing is equipped with an Olympic size swimming pool, a 25-feet diving pool, an all-purpose athletic field, tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis court, a billiards room and even a horse riding school.

The World is your Canvas

Similarly, our Vishwajyoti Art Academy wing will endeavour to teach writing, dance, music, art in all their varied forms to the artistically gifted students that we have.

Tradition is our Inspiration

To improve the concentration, coordination and analytical ability of our students, we will endeavour to draw upon ancient Yogic techniques to align the body, mind and spirit of our students and translate it all into the very best result each individual student can achieve.

Our Promise

At MIT-Vishwajyoti International School, Mumbai your child is not merely a student, but is a member of our family and will be treated with the same care and affection with which we look after our own. Love and respect, honour and integrity, passion and determination will all be equally imbued to each of our loving students so that they may shine as bright as they can, and that we can be assured of a beautiful tomorrow for our country, our society and indeed our own families. That is the promise of MIT-Vishwajyoti International School, where yesterday meets tomorrow. 

Why we are different

Understanding that genius is reflected not only in academics but also in the arts as well as in sports, MIT-Vishwajyoti International School takes a novel approach by understanding the core capabilities and inclinations of each student and then placing them in an academic, artistic and sports division were emphasis is laid on the strength of each child and their aspirations. 


Learning Beyond Classrooms
Shape the future of your Child

Explore the Countless Opportunities of Success for your Child

Admissions Open


MIT-VIS offers the following curricula for our students 

  • CBSE
  • IB

Our timings reflect our ideology of catering to ‘Day boarders’ designed to spend a large amount of their day with us, steeped in an atmosphere of learning and education.

Pre-Primary 8 AM – 4.00 PM
Standard 1- Standard 12 8 AM – 4.00 PM

We maintain a very healthy 20:1 students to teacher ratio to optimize learning and attention span of both our students and teachers.

At MIT-VIS, we are always open to discuss with our parents. Weekly reports sent by each Class Teacher also help the Parents keep up with what’s happening in school.

For urgent matters, they can SMS or call the reception.

For appointments, they can contact the teachers via SMS/ Emails.

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