It is very important to nurture the inquisitiveness of our students, and also to temper it with responsibility and caution. Consequently, we conduct national tours for our students in order to enhance their experiential learning while also ensuring exposure to the real world under the umbrella of protection we provide. We undertake multiple kinds of study tours such as,


Blessed by the Western Ghats’ great biodiversity, we endeavor to nurture a child’s curiosity towards nature, biology and geography by organizing exhilarating treks and hikes. These activities often are organized around historic structures (such as forts) and natural locations (such as forests, etc.)

Visits to museums

Mumbai and its environs host a wide variety of museums ranging from historical to the arts. We believe that regular trips to such institutions have a very positive effect on the mind of a child.

Factory Visits

Ranging from the local ice cream factory to a box manufacturer, factories are a very crucial way to get children involved (and fascinated) by the hum of the machinery, the intricacy of the process and to the exciting world of commerce and economics.   

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