Value Based Education


We, at MIT-VIS understand that Imparting a value based education is essential for the holistic development of our students. Therefore, in addition to providing them excellence in academics, physical activity and the arts, we also strive to provide them with an ethical and moral sensibility which would enhance their own learning while ensuring that they use their accrued knowledge to create excellent careers for themselves in the future. To do this we 

MIT-VIS wishes to imbue students with a truly international sensibility along with traditional values so that they become an addition to any system they belong to and ensure they make perfect careers for themselves. To ensure this we draw on the 4 decades legacy of academic excellence of the MAEERs group.

MIT-VIS stresses on experiential learning concurrently with academic learning with an emphasis on personal development of the student. This model of education is uniquely holistic as it endeavours to impart not only the best of knowledge to a student, but also develop the student’s ethical and moral core to enhance their ability to better apply the knowledge they have acquired to discover who they are and then to create excellent careers for themselves.

Within this range our emphasis on sports and spiritual growth as well as academics ensures that we provide a holistic and well-rounded education to all our students. This includes yoga studies, meditation, numerous clubs within the campus ranging from photography, astronomy to theatre and debate; all to ensure that our students may find any activity that they enjoy and utilize it to enhance their social skills and their leadership abilities to become the best versions of themselves.

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