Expressions (Music & Dance)

Considering the 5000 year rich legacy of music and dance that India as a nation possesses, MIT-Vishwajyoti International School spares no efforts in nurturing the ambitions of our creative students who wish to partake in this rich legacy of ours. 

Consequently, we have dedicated music and dance rooms and teachers with the sole aim of providing our students the very best training in music and dance. 


We specialize in teaching our students the following:


Singing has been an integral part of our culture and indeed the culture of the world for over 5000 years. Singing initially began as a way to praise the Gods and is today enjoyed as an art form throughout the globe. We strive to inculcate melodies and harmonies to all of our acoustically gifted students.

Instruments (Indian)

Indian musical instruments such as the tabla, sarod, sitar, jal tarang and others have a recorded history going back thousands of years. Here at MIT-VIS we wish to continue this tradition by ensuring that it passes on to our deserving students. 

Instruments (Western)

The western world has been very instrumental in the progression of music and musical instruments. Instruments such as guitars, bass, drums are now extremely popular globally. For those of our students who are keen to hone their musical talents on these instruments, we are happy to provide the guidance to nurture them. 


We specialize in 


Traditional dance forms encompass Kathak & Bharatnatyam among others. We give training in these forms. 


Modern dance forms encompass freestyle, interpretive and a few western ones. We provide training in them as well. 

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