Art Room

Arts, music and dance ignite all areas of child development like intellectual, language, literacy, motor, and social-emotional skills. Music helps the mind-body work in harmony and creates peace and joy, too. We believe that arts, music and dance aren’t just hobbies anymore but can be pursued as serious and prosperous careers in the future. 

At MIT-Vishwajyoti International School, we celebrate our artistic students with a lot of extra effort and promise to help them sharpen their skills for a brighter future. Kids thrive when they make art – it promotes creativity, encourages neural connections and builds fine motor skills from a young age. Arts are also an excellent way to teach visual learning and stimulate inventiveness. 

We encourage all art forms at the school and help every child find their calling – whether it is music, drawing, dance, or sculptures! Only a few schools like us offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary art forms and give our students the freedom to choose their path ahead.

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