Gymnasium / Horse Riding

Horseback riding can enhance your child’s future in many ways. That’s why at MIT-Vishwajyoti International School, we offer horse riding sessions as part of the curriculum. It’s good for the mental and physical health of students, provides companionship, and helps build character and essential life skills. Above all, it boosts the confidence of students and enhances their cognitive function, too. Not to mention, horse riding is a lot of fun!

We also have a well-equipped gymnasium with all the latest machines to help our students work out regularly. We conduct gymnastics, aerobics, yoga and other fitness classes as well to promote the all-round well-being of every student.

At MIT Vishwajyoti School, we go above and beyond to make fitness fun and sow the seeds of healthy living at a very early age.

*Horse riding is an optional feature at extra cost

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